Welcome to Crazy

This is me! 

       I feel like most time spent starting a blog is the first sentence. The opening sentence is supposed to catch the attention of the world or at least enough people to make it relevant.

Instead of a catchy phrase I will sit down in front of my computer covered in tiny fingerprints, pour myself a glass of wayyy too sweet wine in my 10 year old chipped Ikea juice glass and try to fill you all in on my life.

To start, I’m nothing fancy. I’m not being modest; I grew up in a town of 1000 people. I left because I had to ‘live my life’ then came running back into its loving arms the second I realized the big world was too much for me to handle. I’m not a complete loss. I skated through high school then went on to skate through college. A minimalist some would say. I could have been great but I just didn’t have a passion I suppose.


Enter high school sweetheart storyline. I married the nice guy. The cool guy. The guy that everyone loves. I continually think I am a lucky girl, even when I want to smother him in his sleep for snoring or when I’m trying to explain that Moms do so much more then dads realize or when.…well lets leave that for another day this is supposed to be an introduction.

I have babies, multiple babies. Four to be exact. Here’s the kicker, they’re all boys! I have four boys. Sorry to repeat myself that was really only for my benefit not yours. Anyway so 4 boys; twins age 6, age 4 and a new one sittin at 5.5 months. They are perfect little amazing smart funny cute beings (said every mom everywhere) I believe this statement most the time, but again as you will learn. Everyone in this household has their off days.

I’m going to tell you something’s that will knock your socks off, some things that will make you laugh or cry or just things that will make you question me as person lol I’m ok with it. I promise to be 100% honest. I promise to only leave out the illegal things and I promise if I sound crazy…its only because I am! I will help you navigate your own craziness with tips and tricks of the trade. The #boymom or just a mom in general!



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